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In December 2017 I came across a Martha Stewart french macaron recipe. It didn't look that hard and called for a vanilla bean which I had so I gave it a go. I've always loved to bake and this was something new I had never tried. Those first macarons looked awful but tasted great and I quickly became obsessed. Over the next 9 months I studied, experimented, learned and tested over and over. I tried every single recipe available on the internet and none gave me consistent results. It was a true labor of love and perseverance and it didn't click until I developed my own recipe.


At the beginning of this journey I had a baby and my husband who is in the military had to be away for awhile. I struggled with the transition of having a career outside the home to stay-at-home-mom and this macaron journey gave me so much during that time and I'm grateful I didn't give up. I never planned to sell them but as I kept getting better and learning more about these difficult cookies a future business started to come into focus.


I put all my love into every macaron I make and love bringing happiness to others through baking. I'm very proud of where Emy Ray Bakes is today and can't wait to see where it goes in the future.

Emy Ray Bakes is located in Gig Harbor, W.


Thank you for being here!

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